Dream Pool - ייצור ותחזוקה של בריכות שחייה
Make your dream pool your dream

When our professional knowledge meets the performances…
…then your dream about the pool becomes your dream pool!

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of pools and over 600 projects in the south of France, DREAMPOOL has arrived to Israel and would like to offer you its services and its experiences here and now.

We would like to provide you with:
* General advise for pool construction or upgrading an existing pool
* Checking the ground data, designing the project to meet your taste and your needs (No charge on the first consultation meeting )

And in addition:
* Upgrading your pool, your service room, the basin of the pool, safety, machinery, cleaning…
* Carrying out reparations while using the most innovative methods (locating leaks by means of pressure, fixing automatic systems
   and more…)
* Regular maintenance of your pool (selling and providing products)

DREAMPOOL has formal qualification from the Israeli Ministry of Health – this qualification indicates the knowledge of the relevant Israeli Standards regarding health and safety of private and public pools and regarding the treatment of water as well.

We are personally committed to this qualification in all our performances in order to assure you meeting with the standards and a perfect and professional service.

Choosing DREAMPOOL means assuring yourself of our commitment for your peace of mind!

Dream Pool / Tél: 054-9492826 / yossi@dreampool.co.il